Giants Website, Team Store Start Selling #2 Hunter Pence Jerseys, Then He’s Issued #8

Image Courtesy Darren Rovel on Twitter

"Be the first to get a Hunter Pence Giants jersey!" the San Francisco Giants website said yesterday, advertising an image of a #2 Pence jersey.   What hardcore fan would not want to get their newest player right away?

I'm guilty of having some jerseys made before a player's first start, like Cliff Lee in 2009 and Roy Oswalt in 2010.  I did not do that with Pence last year, but I get it.

Yesterday on Twitter, I pointed out that the open numbers on the Giants were 2, 12, 14, and 33.  Number 3 is retired on the Giants for 1920s/1930s player Bill Terry.  Brandon Belt wears Pence's former number 9.  Somewhere someone decided Pence would wear  number 2.

Ultimately, Pence ended up being given number  8, which was assigned to Giants AAA player Roger Kieschnick.  Granted, he only wore it in Spring Training, but his roster spot was listed with  number 8.

But those who spent the money yesterday? Probably not too happy.

It still remains to be seen what handle the now-@HunterPence3 will use.

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