Hunter Pence Knew He Would be On the Phillies All Along

Posted by Frank Klose


Well, at the All-Star game, new Phillies OF Hunter Pence asked Roy Halladay what it was like to be on the Philadelphia Phillies.  From Kevin Cooney at

Apparently, Pence had his eye on Philadelphia as well. Starting pitcher Roy Halladay said on Friday night that Pence and he had a brief conversation at the All-Star Game about possibly joining the Phillies.

"He asked about how I liked it here (in Philly)," Halladay said. "For me, it has been everything that I thought it would be. I think he's going to be excited to come here and play.

He must have known.  The All-Star victory caused excitement for Pence:

He must have known he was coming to Philadelphia.  Why else would a Houston Astro look forward to Home field? 

By the way, the last two series the Phillies faced Pence in Philadelphia, Pence homered.  He should fit right in.

Additionally, someone registered the twitter handle @hunterpence3 in anticipation of Pence's assigned number 3:


I still think Pence and Brown and the Phillies will work it out that Pence keeps #9 and Brown finally gets his preferred #3 when he returns from Lehigh Valley…