Inquirer: Phillies Went 49-19 in Final 60 Games in 2010. Huh?!

Posted by Frank Klose


According to today's Philadephia Inquirer, the Phillies went 49-19 in their final 60 games. 

I thought the Phillies were just so good that they won eight of their losses.   But, it turns out the Phillies were 41-19 in their final 60 games.   That's pretty good, I guess.

The Phillies entered play Sunday 74-39.   This leaves 49 games remaining on the 2011 schedule (if my math is correct).   That means:

~If the Phillies play at the current .655 pace, the Phillies will end the season 106-56.
~If the Phillies won today and play .500 ball the rest of the way, they will best their MLB-leading 97 wins with a record of 99-63.
~Including today, the Phillies need to play 26-23 to win 100 games

Playing .500 ball the rest of the way would seem like a failure for this team.   Three games over .500 seems easy.

Of course, none of this matters if they don't win in the playoffs.   Ask Pat Gillick's 2001 Seattle Mariners who won 114 games and lost in the ALCS, after beating Charlie Manuel's Cleveland Indians in the ALDS.

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