Is Placido Polanco Doubtful for the Remainder of Phillies Season and World Series?

Posted by Frank Klose

Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes just tweeted something alarming for the Phillies.   Translated to English, it reads:

"Beckett, Buchholz, and Lester are doubtful for the World Series.  Panic in Red Sox Nation.  Polanco for the Phillies" with a "future" tag.

I'm no Spanish speaker, but is this a prediction for the future, or does he know something we don't?   Certainly Polanco missing the World Series would be nothing compared to the Red Sox losing Beckett, Buchholz and Lester.

I think he is speculating.   Either way, the Phillies could stand to get a veteran utility infielder for the stretch.  Wilson Betemit, anyone?

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