Johari And Jimmy Rollins Open Animal Rehabilitation Center At Saint Francis Veterinary Hospital

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Johari and Jimmy Rollins have gotten involved in a new charitable venture.  Today around noon, the Rollins family will cut the ribbon of a new rehabilitation center at Saint Francis Veterinary Hospital, Ryan Lawrence of the Daily News reported.

The Saint Francis Veterinary Hospital website describes the new venture as:

The Johari and Jimmy Rollins Center for Animal Rehabilitation is an advanced pet physical rehabilitation clinic in Southern New Jersey.  The Rollins Center offers a diverse system of rehabilitative modalities designed to help animals restore maximum physical function, relieve or control pain, and strengthen pets following surgery or trauma to help them return to an active life as quickly as possible.

The Rollins Center represents an exciting partnership between Jimmy Rollins, All-Star baseball player for the 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies, his wife, Johari, and Saint Francis Veterinary Center.

By "partnership" I am sure they are referring to a generous amount of cash to start the center.  The motivation for opening the center was when Jimmy Rollins came home from a trip and his dog Kato was not the same.   His vet recommended rehab for his nine-year-old dog and extended his life and     quality of life in the same way he himself did.

“I had to go through rehab myself,” said Rollins, who has dealt with several injuries during his 14-year career with the Phillies. “So I was talking about how animals could probably benefit from rehab just like we humans do, doing the same type of things. I think that sparked the interest.”

You can read more about the Rollins Center at Saint Francis Veterinary Hospital by clicking this link here.


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