John Krasinski Uses Phillies’ Cliff Lee in Red Sox-Yankees Argument With Alec Baldwin

Posted by Frank Klose

New Era commercial

The pre-game show on Fox Saturday baseball was all about the Red Sox and Yankees, even though locally we were to see the Phillies take on the Atlanta Braves.  The commercial apparently were also for that series, though the one Phillies reference  in a Red Sox – Yankees argument was pretty sweet.

While on NBC's "The Office" John Krasinski is a Philadelphia sports fan, he takes the side of the Red Sox fan in a verbal feud with Alec Baldwin in this New Era commercial that aired during the Phillies – Braves game on Saturday.

If you have not seen it, check it out:

Does this mean that the Phillies have transcended the Red Sox and Yankees if arguments with each other revolve around the Phillies?

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