#LOLMets ? Yeah, the Mets’ Defense is Pretty Laughable, Says ESPN

Posted by Frank Klose


Coutesy amazinavenue.com

Despite relieving themselves of Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez, which many Mets fans believed would solve all of their problems, the Mets appear to be be on pace for quite an  "embarass-Mets" (not my phrase; the article uses it).

Using a new stat calculated by John Dewan of a company called Baseball Info Solutions called "defensive runs saved", the Mets are tied with the Cubs for dead last.

As Mark Simon of ESPNNewYork.com notes, the stat…

…measures a players/teams defensive value compared to league average
… rates defense in the following areas:
Turning batted balls into outs
Effectiveness of throwing arm (both catchers and outfielders)
Ability to turn double plays
Ability to defend bunts
Ability to make home run-robbing catches

In a follow-up piece entitled, "Every Misplay an Adventure",  Simon has specific numbers about the Mets' performance so far:

In Thursday's doubleheader against the Rockies alone, the Mets made nine defensive misplays.  Today the Mets play yet another doubleheader against the Braves, thanks to a rainout last night. 

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