Major League Baseball Brilliantly Calls Out Alex Rodriguez, Lawyer On National Television


Major League Baseball is brilliant.   Alex Rodriguez hired famous New York City defense attorney Joe Tacopina to represent him, who scheduled an appearance on NBC's Today Show and sat down with Matt Lauer.   Tacopina showed up prepared to challenge baseball to waive the confidentiality agreement and said:

If the Vice President of Major League baseball would be good enough to waive the confidentiality clause, I would love nothing more than to talk about Alex's Rodriguez's testing history and various things. I would love nothing more.

Matt Lauer countered by saying that overnight he was sent such an agreement from Major League Baseball, signed, just in need of Tacomina's signature so that they could talk about the facts surrounding the case openly.

Tacomina was completely stunned.  Now that he was caught, I am sure that he will never sign such a document.

Watch the clip here:

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