Merry Christmas: Golden Eagles Will Post Masahiro Tanaka


For a while, it sounded like the stud pitcher from Japan Masahiro Tanaka possibily could stay in Japan, after the new posting rules limit a Japanese team's compensation to $20 million.  After seeing players such as Disuke Matsusaka post for $51.1 million and Yu Darvish post for $57 million, the Rakuten Golden Eagles may have been salivating about the haul they would receive for their ace Masahiro Tanaka, who went 24-0 with a 1.27 ERA last season. 

Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times reports that the Rakuten Golden Eagles will indeed post Masahiro Tanaka:

Under the new system, the maximum bid will be $20 million.   All teams who post a bid of $20 million will be able to negotiate with Tanaka.

Could the Phillies be interested?  I am sure that the Phillies will post the $20 million to see where things go.   The Phillies could be at a disadvantage since they have no other Japanese players to help lure Tanaka to the United States.  Many teams will post the $20 million maximum bid to be involved in the conversation.

Tanaka probably will get seven years and $120 million beyond the $20 million posting fee.  Where else can you get a 25 year-old free agent with this kind of talent? If the Phillies are willing to make a long-term investment, recognizing that Tanaka could be part of the next core they rebuild with, it could be worth it.

The Phillies were willing to spend big money for Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez before he was signed at a lower rate after the team physical presumably revealed some issues.  So who knows; maybe the team will go for Tanaka.

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