Nepotism: David Wright Takes His Childhood Friend Over More Deserving Candidates


The best policy in life is to pick your friends and family instead of those who are more deserving.  I'm sure that all of us have not gotten a job we were better qualifed for so that someone could hire their relative.  Heck, "The Office" made an entire episode about how ridiculous that is.   But apparently that is the best way to pick a Home Run Derby, which explains the illogical selections of candidates.

Wright explained that his selections for Home Run Derby was not a matter of who was most qualified or who gave his league the best chance to win, but rather who his best friends were, according to this piece:

Although Cuddyer is not regarded as a pure power hitter and entered play Monday tied for ninth in the league in home runs, Wright said Cuddyer is a worthy candidate.

"I grew up with Michael," said Wright, who will represent the league at his home ballpark, Citi Field. "I think that he's one of the more underrated players and a friend, and our relationship had a lot to do with it and his production had a lot to do with it. He has 15 home runs and had a 27-game hitting streak, so, for me, that was my choice."

"I really am sorry that Carlos Beltran, Domonic Brown, [Paul] Goldschmidt, [Joey] Votto, [Pedro] Alvarez [weren't selected] — they were all obviously on the original list," Wright said. "The three guys I asked to do it all said yes and jumped at it.

As long as he apologizes. 

Jim Salisbury made an astute point about the Phillies, Ben Revere, homerless in his Major League career:



On an unrelated note, I pick the American League to win the Home Run Derby.  Not sure why…

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