Not News: Phillies are Willing to Trade Joe Blanton

Posted by Frank Klose


Okay, I wasn't going to write something about this, but I keep hearing about it.   The problem is, ESPN's Jayson Stark said this:

An exec of one NL club told Rumblings the Phillies have sent signals they could dangle pitcher Joe Blanton this spring if he proves he's healthy and they like their other rotation options.

Um, that's a lot of ifs, is it not?

Joe Blanton's injury is serious.  Blanton has nerve damage in his elbow, meaning, he cannot feel when his elbow has been pushed too far, or if there is any type of minor injury.  This leads to – you guessed it – more injuries.  

So, while they may catch a lucky healthy stretch from Blanton in Spring Training, the odds of a team taking Blanton are very low.

However, if:

1) The Phillies determine in Spring Training that Dave Bush or Joel Piñeiro are better


2) The Phillies are willing to pay all of Blanton's salary


3) The Phillies settle  for just a fringe prospect or a small amount of cash in return


4) Some team out there has no better option whatsoever (Mets?)

MAYBE they could trade Blanton.

Or, with so little to lose, give him a shot and hope for the best.  If you get the worst, there are a ton of arms at AAA to jump into the bullpen when Kyle Kendrick joins the starting rotation.

Speaking of Joe Blanton, Zoo With Roy figured out that Blanton would pitch the home opener if he is indeed the fourth starter when the season opens.  Damn.

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