Phillies’ Domonic Brown to “Return to the Stance that Got Me Here”. Does He Mean AAA?

Posted by Frank Klose


During today's Phillies-Yankees game, several reports such as this one by CSNPhilly's John Finger quoted Phillies prospect Domonic Brown speaking about his batting stance:

“I just said, ‘Forget it. I'm going back to what got me here'…That’s the key for me. The other thing did not work with the hands down. That’s going to take time, and I really don't have time to spare like that, especially coming from Winter Ball. I didn't have enough time to prepare myself with the lower hand angle."

On one hand, I would like Brown to relax and play the game the way he has been accustomed.

However, Brown has yet to show that he can hit major league pitching.  So yes, the batting stance with the higher hands "got him here", or shows that he can he can hit .340 in AAA.   Obviously, the Phillies would prefer that he is a major league all-star outfielder to that.

So, hopefully Brown will have time to recover from his injury and spend some time at AAA getting comfortable again.  But, I would really hope that he does take some advice from his coaches who may just know what they are doing.

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