Poor Michael Stutes Left All Alone in the Bullpen; Team Leaves Him Behind

Posted by Frank Klose


When the Phillies needed a roster spot for Placido Polanco, they opted to send down a reliever rather an a position player, since Roy Oswalt is due back in a week anyway, and that could buy the team time to make a tough decision.

However, the six-man bullpen got a lot of work today.

Juan Perez and David Herndon pitched the 7th.  Brad Lidge pitched the 8th.  Ryan Madson pitched the 9th, and Antonio Bastardo pitched the 10th.

That left poor Michael Stutes all alone in the bullpen (which, could have become problematic if the game went a few more innings). 

Even worse, being all the way in the bullpen, Stutes missed the walk-off celebration, and the entire team sans Stutes was already headed to the clubhouse by the time Stutes headed there himself.   Here he is walking all alone from the bullpen to the clubhouse as the grounds crew gets to work.

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