Report: Ben Simmons Allegedly Tried to Get Out of Game 7 Against Atlanta

By Michael Lipinski, Sports Talk Philly Contributor

ESPN’s Ramona Shelbourne is reporting that embattled star Ben Simmons nearly missed Game 7 of the Sixers-Hawk series because of a close contact with a masseuse who received an inconclusive COVID+19 test. 

Okay, that seems fair enough considering the situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. But the Sixers organization “questioned whether Simmons had actually seen the masseuse—or was just trying to get out of playing as he battled the basketball version of the yips.”

Say what?

Simmons, who wants to be traded, allegedly lied to the organization so he wouldn’t have to play in a pivotal game.  It’s almost unfathomable.  Michael Jordan did everything in his power to PLAY a game while he was down and out with the flu.  No one is comparing Simmons to Jordan, but the expectation is that a player plays. Hell, his own teammate, Joel Embiid, played with a damaged knee.

There's only one word to describe Simmons…


The Sixers organization shouldn’t let this guy anywhere near the team and needs to move on from him as soon as possible.

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