Texas Rangers Scouted Cliff Lee Today; Could He Be Traded?


We have spent so much time talking about Cole Hamels, maybe we have failed to consider another starter the Phillies could trade: Cliff Lee.

CBS's Danny Knobler reported today that while the Texas Rangers really want Cole Hamels or Zack Greinke, Cliff Lee could be on their radar again.  Jim Salisbury of CSN reports that a scout was present for the Lee-Kershaw matchup today in Los Angeles.

Of course, a scout being there does not necessarily mean that they were looking at Cliff Lee; perhaps they were looking at one of the Phillies' outfielders like Shane Victorino since the Rangers reportedly are looking for a little offense.

This brings up a few questions.  

First, would the Phillies really deal Cliff Lee again after we went through all the drama of the first trade and the dramatic return?  How would fans react? 

Second, would the Rangers take Lee back even though he rejected their offer and came back to the Phillies?  How would their fans react since their most recent memory of Lee is getting shelled by the Giants in the World Series?

Third, if the Phillies are pessimistic about their chances of Cole Hamels, would they dare trade another one of their aces?  Knobler seems to think losing Hamels would give the Phillies reason to trade Lee, but I see it quite the opposite.

I just can't see the Phillies trading Lee after the trade and the signing.  I think both sides intended for Lee to be here for his deal and I think that would deter other free agents from signing with the Phillies if they trade players as soon as they sign them.

I just don't see it happening.

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