The Nationals’ Bryce Harper Wants Phillies Fans to Boo Him


Bryce Harper's self-imposed bloody eye was not voice enough.  Harper had to speak about the Phillies fans and what he would expect when he comes to Citizens Bank Park as the Phillies take on the Nationals starting tomorrow night at 7:05.

Rich Hofmann of the Daily News had some quotes from Harper:

“Hopefully, I get a couple of boos,” Harper said Sunday, after the Nats’ 9-3 win over the Baltimore Orioles. “That would be awesome. I’m excited to get in there and play and hopefully they won’t throw any batteries or whatnot at me. We’ll see.”


Honestly, I was on Harper's side after he responded to the beaning from Cole Hamels by taking the high road, playing hard, saying nothing, and going about his business.  But, once he threw his temper tantrum after a bad day at the plate, I felt he had undone the positive impression that he left with me and many others.

I highly recommend that Harper does nothing else but play hard, keep his cool, and show that he is indeed one of the top young talents in the game.  When he feels he needs to do any speaking other than his performance on the field, it just causes me to doubt.

Yes, us Phillies fans probably will boo.  But the more you speak, the more reason we have to.

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