The NCLGS is giving bettors a chance to voice their opinion at summer sports betting panels

The NCLGS is giving bettors a chance to voice their opinion at summer sports betting panels

Next week, the National Council of Legislators From Gaming States (NCLGS) summer meeting is happening in Pittsburgh. From July 17 to 20, legislators and regulators will meet to discuss several sports betting topics at the Rivers Casino in the Steel City. Additionally, the NCLGS will include conversations regarding online gaming legislation. Finally, they will also be working with the NCAA regarding player protections and sports betting. 

This past Tuesday, NCLGS President Shawn Fluharty noted that it’s important to give bettors a seat at this council table. Their panel on July 19 will feature professional sports bettor Gadoon “Spanky” Kyrollos and Billy Walters. Gaming industry veteran Richard Schuetz will also be in attendance Shawn Fluharty had this to say.

It’s probably one of the first panels where you’re going to have members of the actual betting community have their voices heard,” said Shawn Fluharty. “Most legislation that has been passed has been one without any lobbyists related to the sports betting industry as far as bettors go. They don’t have a lobby. They don’t have hired guns.”

What challenges is the NCLGS going to face?

Not too long ago, state regulators held a roundtable in Massachusetts to discuss potential limits. However, no active sportsbook showed up. There have been discussions to set a follow-up meeting in the future. This could have been easily avoided if state operators would have attended the roundtable the first time. NCLGS President Shawn Fluharty said that limits could be discussed this month at their meeting that will be held in Pittsburgh, 

Fluharty feels that operators want to see a fair system in play. Billy Walters has been a major advocate for that and has been instrumental in helping Fluharty and the NCLGS. To have a fair market for everyone, limits will be set. Operators might not be fans at first, but they’ll learn to adjust and find a way to still be profitable.

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