This Week Expensive For Eagles Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins, and Maybe DeSean Jackson


We learned four days ago that Jason Babin was fined $15,750 for roughing Browns quarterback Brandon Weedon.  Now it appears at least one, maybe two other Eagles will be hit with fines, too.   Cullen Jenkins was also leveed a $7,875 fine for unnecessary roughness this Sunday.   Further, DeSean Jackson may have been hit with one.  

Tim McManus of Eagles 24/7 reports the Jenkins fine, and quotes DeSean Jackson insinuating something went down in the midst of unpleasant exchanges between the Eagles and the Ravens:

The prime example was the dust-up between DeSean Jackson and Cary Williams, where the two came to blows. Jackson hinted that he was slapped in the wallet as well.  ”Probably did, but that’s my personal business,” he said.

The fines are chump change for the well-compensated Eagles.  If you wonder why the fines are such odd numbers, it was because they went up 5% under the collective bargaining agreement.  So, the fine to Jenkins was previously $7500.00.  Now, it is the obtuse $7,875.

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