Watch What You’re Tweeting: Major League Baseball Issues New Social Media Rules

Posted by Frank Klose


Tweeting during a game?  No.  Well, not an MLB game – there is nothing that says you can't have your jello while watching some other sport.

But, Ozzie Guillen, be warned: MLB has issued some new rules for Facebook, Twitter, and um, My Space (yes, that's in the document), reports Biz of Baseball.

Basically, social media may not use MLB logos or other property without permission, language must be clean, must not bash umpires, not promote violence, or link to any sexually explicit material.

No longer can Ozzie tweet:


Here is the document in full:


Tweet images courtesy of Athlon Sports and "Ozzie Guillen's 16 Awesomest Tweets".  Check it out.  Also check out Spike Eskin's blog post on the topic as he asks: Which Phillie will violate it first?

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