Today’s Phillies Game is Streaming Only…Maybe That’s a Good Thing!

By Michael Lipinski, Sports Talk Philly Editor

Good news, folks!

After four consecutive losses the Phillies have been booted from your television lineup. Saturday’s game against the Miami Marlins has been relegated to third tier status and will only be available via streaming*.  

Sorry boomers! Here’s what’s going on and how you can watch the Phillies if you’re a glutton for punishment. 


Game one of the Sixers-Raptors series has priority on NBC Sports Philadelphia.  That makes sense, tip-off is set for 6:00 PM.  Be sure to check out our Sixers-Raptors playoff coverage including a series preview and staff predictions. 

The Flyers-Sabres match up gets the bump to NBC Sports Philadelphia Plus because the NBA Playoffs take priority (Thanks Captain Obvious!).  Puck drops at 7:00 PM for anyone that’s gutsy enough or likes to watch a good car wreck. 

Game three of the Phillies-Marlins series will be available on, the NBC Sports App for smart TV’s, and the MyTeams app on most mobile devices.  Note, if you have a flip phone you won’t be able to stream the game on your mobile device.  First pitch is set for 6:10 PM. 

My advice, turn on Franzke and LA Scott Franzke and Chad Durbin (not bad) on your mobile app (or radio for those that still have one) and throw the Sixers up on the big screen.  It will allow you to mute the Sixers broadcast and keep yourself entertained from the best broadcast team in Major League Baseball.

*- if you live in the Poconos, Lehigh Valley (sorry you fine folks for omitting you the first time) or Central New Jersey (come on, it doesn't really exist) you can watch the game on regular TV!!! Use your channel guide to find it.