Watch: Bryce Harper Strikes Out on Six Pitches…Without Swinging the Bat


Quiet the odd scene on Wednesday night at Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia Phillies slugger Bryce Harper struck out on six pitches. No, the strikeout wasn’t odd, but the way it happened certainly was.  In the 6th inning of a tied game, Harper stood at the plate and watched six straight pitches go by.  Not a swing or a flinch. Nothing. 


WTF is right!

Harper hasn’t commented on the at-bat and none of the Phillies beat writers have anything to say about it either.  Where’s Jim Salisbury when you need him?  Anyway, one thought flying around the internet is Harper was battling some sort of ailment, a fever or whatnot.  That hasn’t been confirmed and top-level athletes play with the flu all the time…right?