NFL Schedule Release: Eagles Officially Get 2024-25 Schedule

NFL Schedule Release: Eagles Officially Get 2024-25 Schedule

The Eagles officially have their schedule for the upcoming season.

Of course, it’s all subject to change as the league decides later on (like when the Eagles became the first team ever flexed into a Monday Night game last season), but it should provide somewhat of a good idea for the team.

The breakdown this year, for now, has the Eagles with one Friday Night (international) game, one Monday Night Football appearance, two Sunday Night Football appearances, one Thursday Night Football game, four in the 4:25 timeslots on Sundays and six at the usual 1:00 Sunday timeslots.

Without further ado, here is the schedule from the NFL:

Week 1: Green Bay Packers

Location: Brazil (Technically a Home Game)

Date/Time: Friday, September 6 @ 8:15 PM

The date and location for this game were public long before the schedule release took place. The NFL has been trying to break into markets globally for some time and couldn’t wait to announce that one of their top teams would be breaking into South America with the first NFL game to take place on the continent to open the league’s season. The game is a Friday night and as the first game will wind up pushing the players schedules up a bit on that first week of prep, but it should allow them plenty of time to get back to the US and prepare for week two.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 9-8

Week 2: Atlanta Falcons

Location: Lincoln Financial Field

Date/Time: Monday, September 16 @ 8:15 PM

Speaking of extra time, the Eagles will make it 10 days between their first and second games by making their second appearance of the season on prime time in just two weeks. They’ll take on Kirk Cousins once again as he takes over a new team unless they decide to go with the rookie quarterback they used their first-round pick on to support Cousins during this year’s draft.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 7-10

Week 3: New Orleans Saints

Location: Caesars Superdome

Date/Time: Sunday, September 22 @ 1:00

The Eagles continue their tour of the NFC South with a trip to Louisiana to take on the team that has been just so kind to them in trades in recent years.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 9-8

Week 4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Location: Raymond James Stadium

Date/Time: Sunday, September 29 @ 1:00

The team that ended the Eagles hopes in the first round of the playoffs last year will be hosting them once again as the Eagles continue their tour of the NFC South with their third straight game against opponents from that division.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 9-8

Week 5: BYE

This one is just crap. The Eagles will play only four games before the by then play 13 afterward. There isn’t any real benefit to having the bye this early in the season, so the Eagles really just sort of get hosed here by the NFL not allowing too many teams to have byes during the same weeks as each other.

Week 6: Cleveland Browns

Location: Lincoln Financial Field

Date/Time: Sunday, October 13 @ 1:00

The Birds host DeShaun Watson and his crew to see if Watson can get anything going now that they don’t have Joe Flacco to start at QB for them instead.

Opponent’s Record Last Season:

Week 7: New York Giants

Location: MetLife Stadium

Date/Time: Sunday, October 20 @ 1:00

The injury game will come two weeks after the Eagles have their bye as the team has to head over to New Jersey and play on that turf. Saquon Barkley’s return to his home stadium will be a huge talking point, but Bryce Huff and potentially C.J. Uzomah could be seeing their returns to their former home stadium, as well. This game will actually be the first NFC East game they play, so it’s later this year than normal.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 6-11

Week 8: Cincinnati Bengals

Location: Paycor Stadium

Date/Time: Sunday, October 27 @ 4:25

Perhaps one of the Eagles toughest opponents on the season and it will be a road game right after having to play on the MetLife turf. Both teams will be looking for a different result than the only other time Burrow played Philly, which wound up a 23-23 tie back in 2020.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 9-8

Week 9: Jacksonville Jaguars

Location: Lincoln Financial Field

Date/Time: Sunday, November 3 @ 8:20pm

The return of Doug Pederson to Philadelphia will be the talk of the town. He’s got his new quarterback in Trevor Lawrence who the Eagles will hope to shut down.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 9-8

Week 10: Dallas Cowboys

Location: AT&T Stadium

Date/Time: Sunday, November 10 @ 4:25

A huge game for the division standings, the Eagles will head to Jerry’s World and get the two worst away games they have in the division out of the way early: No more MetLife turf and no Texas in the back half of the season this year. The Eagles will surely be ready for the game and it will be highly anticipated for the importance it’ll carry.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 12-5

Week 11: Washington Commanders

Location: Lincoln Financial Field

Date/Time: Thursday, November 14 @ 8:15

The Eagles get a late draw for their first match against DC. It could be a great sign given that Josh Harris only hung onto players he was going to pay for half of the season last year – perhaps the Eagles will get a team without some of their top players like the Cowboys got facing them twice like that last year when the Eagles had to play a fully stocked defensive line in both games. On the flip side, this is a short week after an emotional game.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 4-13

Week 12: Los Angeles Rams

Location: SoFi Stadium

Date/Time: Sunday, November 24 @ 8:20pm

The Rams and Eagles will match up in the season that both of their first-ballot Hall of Famers that normally would have faced off retired. The Rams are recovering from key injuries due to aging players, so it’ll be interesting to see if those players will be healthy when the two team match up this season more than halfway though the year. Maybe a bit of consolation for losing an away game by being sent to Brazil: LA typically becomes a home game for Philadelphia fans.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 10-7

Week 13: Baltimore Ravens

Location: M&T Bank Stadium

Date/Time:  Sunday, December 1 @ 4:25

The team with the best record last year and the Eagles, unfortunately, draw the away game against them. The league will probably sell it like mad, though, with Jalen Hurts and Lamar Jackson comps being thrown around for almost two weeks ahead of time. This could be a real test of how ready both teams are for their expected playoff runs as they each enter the final stretch of their seasons.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 13-4

Week 14: Carolina Panthers

Location: Lincoln Financial Field

Date/Time: Sunday, December 8 @ 1:00

Miles Sanders will return to the Linc in this one, though there probably won’t be too much fanfare unless the Panthers see a drastic turnaround in their play that basically no one is expecting to see. This will complete the NFC South opponents for the Birds.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 2-15

Week 15: Pittsburgh Steelers

Location: Lincoln Financial Field

Date/Time: Sunday, December 15 @ 4:25

The Eagles have a Sunday game with their cross-state rivals who gutted their entire quarterback room in favor of a guy who was perhaps the worst player at the position for much of last season and a guy who was so bad he made Nick Foles unable to stand him. Philadelphia fans would love to see a beat down here with the added fuel from the recent reports of Fields just ignoring Nick Foles in the Bears quarterback room.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 10-7

Week 16: Washington Commanders

Location: Commanders Field

Date/Time: Sunday, December 22 @ 1:00

The last road game of the regular season comes for the Eagles against their DC foes who are really excited about their piece of garbage owner (you might know him from his also owning the 76ers and Jersey Devils). A big wild card in this game will be whether the commanders do well or if they’re already out of it.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 4-13

Week 17: Dallas Cowboys

Location: Lincoln Financial Field

Date/Time: Sunday, December 29 @ 4:25

The Birds get the home half of this rivalry as their second to last game, so they get to keep the home field advantage for the home stretch of the season as they look to take Dak down another peg.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 12-5

Week 18: New York Giants

Location: Lincoln Financial Field

Date/Time: TBD

The last games of the year are always left without a time and typically almost all the games are played at the 1PM or 4PM timeslots so that teams can’t look at the results of another game and determine they have no chance of the playoffs, are already in, etc. The Eagles get to close out their season at home against the Giants this year, so not having to visit that terrible turf abomination in New Jersey that the NFL refuses to do anything about (despite the injuries it causes) at the end of the season is a great thing to see.

Opponent’s Record Last Season: 6-11


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