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Phillies ban smoking completely, further extend netting at CBP

By Theo DeRosa, Sports Talk Philly staff

The Phillies will be one of a growing number of Major League Baseball clubs to extend the protective netting at their home ballparks before the 2018 season begins. 

Per KYW Newsradio reporter Mike DeNardo, the Phils are raising the netting at Citizens Bank Park from 8 feet to 12 feet high, and extending it one section past the dugouts (Sections 115 to 132)

According to an email sent to season ticket holders, the netting material will be a "field green" in color, aiming to blend in with the action on the diamond.

Former Phillies shortstop Freddy Galvis was one of the first to call for more netting after his foul ball struck a young female fan on August 20, 2016. The Phillies extended it to cover both dugouts in January 2017. Now, as more MLB teams add more protection to their fans, the Phillies have chosen to further the extension.

In addition to the increased netting, smoking will no longer be permitted anywhere inside the park, DeNardo tweeted Friday. There previously had been designated smoking areas in some parts of the park, with smokers in the past made to exit the park and re-enter. Re-entry is currently prohibited by the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park.

These two changes are just some of the numerous adjustments being made to Citizens Bank Park this offseason. SportsTalkPhilly's Matt Rappa recently took a look at some of the other projects going on this winter, including a Wiffle ball field.

The Phillies open up CBP for the 2018 season against the stripped-down Miami Marlins on April 5. 


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That’s discrimination.... this great country was funded with tobacco.

Leo Delaney

Guess I'll not bother going to the games then ...


No smoking area at all, no more tickets for me. Tv only


It seems the world is against smoking, but why is alcholol still provided at the games when it causes death also. Phillies is my team i will never by tickets again or go to a game again, and i will sell my season tickets. There was smoking areas in the parks why stop it?


no smoking designated spot but you can buy all the alcohol you want. I GUESS THERE ISNT SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE.


I'll stay home and watch I guess


Have been a hugh Philly sports fan for over 40 years. I grew up watching and going to all of the Philly games and stadiums. I will always be a Philly
Fan, and would always purchase season tickets and or games for the family and friends and grandchildren to attend. Now that you have decided to not allow smoking areas in the stadium I will no longer be attending any games. Thank you for making the smokers feel unwanted and useless. You should also think about removing the sale of alcohol during the games as well as this also leads to alcoholism. Oh and don’t forget the food challenges that diabetics face. I hope the establishment looses money on this decision.

Jane Marston

Your new non smoking in CB Park??!!!!??

Are you saying you cannot go out of the park and come back in after
Smoking!!!!!!????????? if that's the way it is, you best HURRY and I
Mean HURRY and get rid of 95 percent of the FOOD, all that sugary SODA
And oh lets not forget the ALCOHOL..You know the stuff you make BIG $$$$$$
On???!!!!!!!!!!! Lets see if ya the nerve to do that!!!!!!!! I BET NOT!!!!!!!!!!

NOW, we know who your REALLY thinking of and it's not the non smokers....
it's all about the PHILLIES PURSE STRINGS!!!!!!! Give the smokers a place..
An area for their rights too!!!!! WAYYYY OVERSTEPPED ON THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!


I think this is a great idea I smoke when I drink!!! But am not missing my Phillies play a home game over a smoke!!! My smoking can wait till after the game u don’t need to miss a minute of the game just to go find a smoking section that’s crowded with people anyway to go and have a smoke!! No I rather drink and watch the game then miss it over a smoke!!! LOVE ❤️ THE PHILLES!!! See u soon Citizens bank!!⚾️⚾️

Peggy S.

Another fan who won't be paying large dollars for tickets, outrageously over-priced food and drinks, to drive to Philadelphia and watch a baseball game only to be told what we can do and when!! Tonight, after forking out beaucoup bucks to enjoy a night watching the Phillies, we walked out of the stadium for a stretch and were banned from returning to the game. That's a bad taste that won't go away any time soon. We feel totally ripped off by money leeches.

Justin Zeigenfuse

One more step closer to a god damn dictatorship! Sometimes I am sorry I served this great country with my life on the line! So disappointed Phillies and Citizens Bank park! In a country we’re its it legal to purchase tobacco but made illegal to smoke ! Shame on you!

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