Woj: Sixers “Have No Reason To Miss The Playoffs If Embiid Stays Healthy”


By Tom Long, Sports Talk Philly staff

This morning on 97.5 The Fanatic, Adrian Wojnarowski spoke regarding Sam Hinke, Brett Brown, and the Sixers chances at the playoffs with Joel Embiid.

He begins by stating that the Sixers should be in playoff contention – if Embiid can stay healthy. Thats a big 'if', especially when Embiid only played 31 games this season on limited minutes. However, his second statement is extremely accurate, noting that the Sixers are set up to make dramatic improvements this season.

Further, Woj goes on to talk about Sam Hinke, suggesting that he has warranted himself a second chance elsewhere in the league. Granted, with a much lesser goal in mind. Hinke, who is generally credited with starting "the process" left the team midway through the mission. 

The Sixers Head Coach Brett Brown was on the receiving end of some compliments, as Woj spoke about the level of respect players around the league have for him. Also, how players, depending on this year, will seek to specifically play under Brown. This could really help the Sixers, making them an ideal Free Agent landing spot next year – which is deemed to be one of the best and biggest FA classes.

Overall, Woj had some great things to say about the Sixers, Brown, and their potential. 


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