Dario Saric Reflects On Being Traded

By Brandon Apter, Sports Talk Philly Staff 

When the Philadelphia 76ers dealt Robert Covington and Dario Saric to Minnesota for Jimmy Butler, there was an obvious excitementthat the deal was the right one but that it came with the emotions of losing a pair of players that were such a big part of the process.

While Covington was put in the starting lineup right away, Dario Saric has had to adjust to a bench role in Minnesota. The native of Croatia seemed to have a tougher time with the trade in comparison to Covington, who seemed very eager to get started. You can't blame Dario though. He thought Philadelphia was going to be his home for a while. Instead, he got traded, which is something that The Homie compared to being a bag, or a bucket in an interview with CBS Sports.

"It's just different," Saric told CBS Sports. "You don't have time to prepare, or somebody asks you, like, 'What do you think?' Normal people, somebody calls them and says, 'Do you want to accept the job, yes or no?' You have maybe two days or one day to decide. But here, they just trade you. You are like a bag, you know? Like some bucket, you know? And they just move you around. But that's life. What can you do?"

Saric, 24, has now played eight games for the Wolves, posting averages of 10.6 points and 6.0 rebounds. On November 24, he had his best game with his new team, a 19-point, 14-rebound effort against the Bulls. In Minnesota's latest win, 128-89 over the Spurs, Dario posted 10 points and six boards. New teammate Taj Gibson said post-game that Saric needs more minutes, but for now, Dario is adjusting to a reserve role as best he can.

"At the end of the day, you need to follow what the coach asks you to do, what the play is. I wish I could play how I play overseas, but I never really get the chance to play like this in my couple years here. I had some good games — end of my first year, you know, I got the minutes, I got the ball and I really played."

Dario made sure that he transitioned from a hotel to an apartment quickly, because players spend so much time in hotels during the season. 

"I wanted really fast to find my place, to just feel like this is my home, you know?" Saric said. "I didn't want to be in a hotel for a long time because I hate them. Most of the time, we are sleeping in hotels all the time. Imagine you are at home and you're sleeping at hotels — it's weird. And because of that, I found some good spot. I'm happy."

As for his relationship with Brett Brown and the Sixers, Dario said 'of course it's hard to leave, but, like, what do I say, you don't have time to think". 

Saric, Covington and the Timberwolves will visit the Wells Fargo Center on January 15. 

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