Drummond Calls Embiid Fat, Out Of Shape

By Brandon Apter, Sports Talk Philly Staff 

There weren't a whole lot of things to laugh at following the Philadelphia 76ers loss to the Detroit Pistons in overtime on Tuesday. Leave it to the Joel Embiid-Andre Drummond rivalry to make us smile the day after a deflating loss. Embiid and Drummond have gone back-and-forth in interviews and on social media for a while now and it continued on Tuesday night and rolled into Wednesday.

Following the game, Embiid talked about Drummond getting ejected, saying that he owns some real estate in the Pistons big man's head:

Sure, Embiid may have been a little out of line since the Sixers lost and he flopped to get Drummond ejected, but it's just Jojo being Jojo. There is truth to what he said too. The 7-foot-2 All-Star finished with 33 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists last night while Drummond had 14 points and 16 rebounds on 6-for-20 shooting. Joel also dominated the on-court battle last season, scoring a combined 78 points to go along with 28 rebounds. Meanwhile, Drummond combined to score just 38 points and grab 28 rebounds as well. The Sixers swept the season series, 4-0.

Drummond responded to Embiid's comments from Tuesday night on Twitter, wondering why Joel is so happy he fouled out since he owns real estate in his head. 

Lol does he? If that’s so he wouldn’t be so excited to have me off the floor? Think about it that’s a silly statement ! I’ll take the W though enjoy flight home winning actor.

While Embiid has not responded to that, Drummond continued to pile it on by insulting Embiid on Instagram. Girls Talk Sports TV posted a video of Embiid telling Drummond he can't guard him. Andre responded in the comments, taking jabs at Embiid's figure.

This is a bold move from Drummond, who by all accounts, gets dominated by Embiid when they play each other. Drummond and the Pistons got the 'W', but if anything, this proves that Embiid is living in Andre's head. Also, Drummond is listed at 275 pounds while Embiid is at 250. Who's the fat one now?

The Sixers and Pistons play next on November 3 in Philadelphia. 

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