Report: Sixers believe Colangelo was unaware of tweets

By: Jesse Larch, Sports Talk Philly editor 

It has been a wild ride for Sixers fans ever since Bryan Colangelo was connected to a group of five anonymous twitter accounts in an expose written by Ben Detrick of The Ringer. 

Colangelo's dismissal appeared to be a matter of when and not if throughout most of the investigation, but as the investigation crossed the one week mark, speculation about Colangelo's future began to shift towards the belief that Colangelo's termination may not be imminent after all. 

New information released by John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia supports this claim. Clark writes:

While the Sixers' investigation into president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo's Twitter fiasco is ongoing, the general belief within the organization is that it believes Colangelo's assertion he had no knowledge of the Twitter accounts, did not send the messages or had known the messages were being sent, according to a source.

Colangelo claimed ignorance from the outset in this investigation, and it appears that he has convinced the Sixers front office that he had no knowledge of the tweets that have since been linked to his wife. 

This news can be coupled with a report from Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer that stated that Colangelo was present at the Sixers facility for prospect workouts. 

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