Joel Embiid, LaVar Ball embrace after Sixers loss

By Brandon Apter, Sports Talk Philly editor

The Sixers lost a heart-breaker to the Lakers on Thursday night at home, 107-104. Sloppy play and turnovers plagued Philadelphia all night, and they never led in the game from the start. Following the conclusion of the loss, the Philadelphia media caught up with LaVar Ball, who was in attendance to watch his son square-off against the Sixers' young talent. Lonzo played pretty well, finishing with 10 points, eight rebounds, eight assists and three steals, shooting 5-for-11 from the floor. LaVar surprisingly didn't throw shade at the Sixers, but instead complimented them as a team and even had a special message for Joel Embiid.

Prior to the season, Ball had more aggressive words towards Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, who had both missed the majority of the 2016-17 season due to injury.

“When you don’t win, and don’t even make the playoffs, and don’t even stay on the court long enough, that’s the best thing you can do – is tweet and make some stuff,” Ball said. “Ain’t nobody else doing that, because they’re working on their games in the gym. These guys ain’t played a game, are always hurt, and are at the bottom of the totem pole. So guess what? Get your rear ends off the goddamn Tweeter, and get in the gym.”

This time around, Ball seemed a bit more humble.

"What do I think of the Sixers? Young team, good team," Ball told reporters. "Just can't beat us on this day. That's all I'm going to tell you. And tell Joel Embiid….happy holidays."

Ball and Embiid actually got to meet after the game. Here's a look at that…

Ball went on to say that the people of Philadelphia are "all good people" and that he was going to get another cheesesteak after talking with his son. LaVar also mentioned that Philadelphia has been the best road city in terms of hospitality so far this season and that the people are tough because of the cold weather they have to deal with at this time of year. Embiid took to Instagram after meeting the infamous LaVar Ball and he seemed to enjoy it. 

The Sixers are off on Friday and return to action Saturday night in Cleveland for the first game of a back-to-back. They play in New Orleans on Sunday.

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