MLB The Show’s Cryptic Tweets Hint Harper Could Sign With Phillies

By Matt Rappa, Sports Talk Philly editor

Does MLB The Show know something that we do not?


A generic version of the 2019 cover was released in early November 2018, along with the announcement that Harper would be its new cover athlete.

The popular video game franchise will feature superstar free agent outfielder Bryce Harper on its 2019 cover. In early November, Ramone Russell, Game Designer & Online Community Manager for San Diego Studio — who helps produce the game — wrote that they are “excited to partner” with Harper for the reveal of his “2019 team.”

Hence, once Harper announces where he will sign, MLB The Show will reveal its new cover with him donning the team’s uniform.

On Wednesday, MLB The Show tweeted about Harper in an interesting way, creating a shortened link with the custom URL “BrycePhanatic.” Upon clicking the link, users are redirected to CBS Sports’ report from a day earlier that the Phillies — including Managing Partner John Middleton — and Harper would meet face-to-face in Las Vegas, Nevada, this Saturday.

As of 7:20 p.m. on Wednesday, the link has generated over 760 clicks.


One would argue that The Show is just “trolling” Phillies fans by using the custom link featuring the Phillies’ mascot’s name, however the account tweeted back to a user who suggested such, that if they “wanted to” troll, “they would have made a new mascot” themselves.

Hence, MLB The Show could be serious and is intentionally using this custom link to hint at what is soon to come. Not to mention, the account quote tweeted an article referencing Harper’s return to the nation’s capital as “#TheLiesWeAllTellOurselves.”

“I also like how they only included National League East teams in that video roundup, with the Phillies and Nationals being the only two recognized in the headline as making the postseason,” said one reader. “Harper was named the MVP in the Phillies’ scenario.”

MLB The Show just might already have their 2019 cover with Harper donning red pinstripes prepared for a release not too soon in the distant future.

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