Deal Done: Sixers – Celtics Trade Call Planned for Monday

 By Jack Fritz, Sports Talk Philly editor

According to Adrian Wojnarowski the Celtics and Sixers will have a trade call Monday to finalize a move that would send the first overall pick, and Markelle Fultz, to the Sixers.

Here's what Wojnarowski had to say:

 It really happened. It really, really happened. The Sixers pulled off a trade to move up and get the perfect fit next to Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid and completing one of the best young trios the NBA has ever seen.

First off, kudos to Bryan Colangelo for correctly analyzing this and not settling on an okay fit at three. He knew he needed the perfect fit and he went out and got it. But also, a lot of credit has to go to Sam Hinkie. The Sixers wouldn't have had their own pick to move in this deal without the Saric trade from 2013.

Also, I assume either the Lakers pick or the Sacramento pick will be in this deal so that should also go to Sam Hinkie. But really, credit goes to both sides. Fultz is the guy you use those assets you acquired to go up and get. Instead of getting questionable fits to put around your core, you don't mess around and you complete your core. The other best part of this? No Kyle Lowry! Rejoice in not paying a 35 year old point guard $35+ million!

Really, we should have seen this coming. Fultz wouldn't have accepted the visit if the deal wasn't in place. Of course this is Philadelphia so we naturally had to sweat it out. It's all over. The Process is complete. Sam Hinkie's Orchard is fully fruited.

This is all so, so awesome.

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