4.5 Percent of Baseball Experts Surveyed Think The Phillies Will Sign OF Josh Hamilton

In a survey conducted by ESPN's Jerry Crasnick, 4.5% of twenty-two baseball people believe that the Phillies will attempt to and successfully acquire free-agent outfielder Josh Hamilton.

If you don't feel like doing the math, 4.5% of twenty-two equals one. Crasnick conducted his survey to twenty-two general managers, assistant GMs, advisers, scouting directors and talent evaluators in the field for their opinions.

Crasnick asked seven offseason questions to these 22 people, and his first question was "Which team will sign Josh Hamilton? For how much money and how many years? Six people responded with Milwaukee, six responded with out a clue, five said that he would remain in Texas while Seattle, San Francisco, Baltimore, Kansas City, and the Phillies each got one speculator.

So one person believes that the Phillies will sign Josh Hamilton. Okay.

"The Phillies landed a vote from a scout who observed that GM Ruben Amaro Jr. likes to pull off big deals, and they need outfield help.'"

'Tis true. Ruben Amaro Jr. has pulled off a lot of big deals. Unfortunately this is one time I hope he doesn't pull it off. Josh Hamilton puts up great numbers, but with his reported starting price at 7 years, $175 million and his concerning attitude, I'd rather the Philliues go out and get somebody else instead.

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