An Andre Dillard for Kareem Hunt Trade?!? Okay, Why Not!

An Andre Dillard for Kareem Hunt Trade?!? Okay, Why Not!

Note: A version of this post first appeared on Section 247 Sports, reprinted with permission.

Jakib Media’s Dan Sileo took to social media on Saturday to proclaim the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns trade intentions.

Andre Dillard for Kareem Hunt?!? Straight up? Outright!?

Is this a statement, a rumor, a hot take? Let’s let the meme do the talking.

It feels like more “hot take” bullshit from a guy with 15,000 (yea I’m jealous, give me a follow) social media followers. But let’s explore this one for the fun of it.

Honestly, this would be a no brainer.

Dillard hasn’t developed into the starting tackle (he’d be a better guard, that’s for another day) the Eagles’ believed he would be when they drafted him. The 26-year old has been passed by Jordan Mailata, the latter will be the Birds’ keystone tackle for the next decade. Finding a backup tackle in free agency or one to develop in the draft would fill Dillard’s “void”.

In short, he’s expendable.

Adding Hunt to the Birds’ arsenal of weapons would, again, be a no brainer. It’s one of those trades that an idiot, everyday caller to WIP makes and people roll their eyes.

The Eagles are giving starting quarterback Jalen Hurts all the weapons he needs to be successful in the NFL. An area where the Birds’ lack a true weapon is running back. It’s crazy to say that when the team ran over and through the league a year ago but the Eagles lack that explosive, big play back.

It’s supposed to be Miles Sanders but he’s always banged up. Hunt would more than fill that role.

There’s no need to compare the stats, anyone who’s watched football knows Hunt is leaps and bounds better than Sanders. How would a defense stop a starting offense with A.J. Brown, DeVonta Smith, Dallas Goedert, and Hunt in the lineup?

It’s not impossible but it’s pretty darn close to it.

I hate looking back at the past but the comparison works, Hunt would to Hurts what Brian Westbrook was to Donovan McNabb.

Yeah, where do I sign up for that?!

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