Carson Wentz Calms Eagles Locker Room after Tumultuous Week

Supposedly, Carson Wentz never gets nervous, but that is hard to believe considering the turbulent week the eagles have faced. You do not need to be anNFL Picks analyst to know that Wentz had a lot of work to do in putting the Eagles Locker room at ease.

When asked what he thought about the trading of Sam Bradford to Minnesota a mere eight days before the regular season started, Wentz couldn’t simply shrug his shoulders. This was a genuine shock to the system.

No one doubts the skills of the quarterback in question; however, the fact that the 23-year-old replaced a veteran at a position of leadership created some uneasiness, especially seeing as this particular rookie missed most of the preseason because of a few broken ribs. 

Safety Malcolm Jenkins echoed these thoughts, though he also expressed his confidence in Carson and his ability to bring the team together. That confidence doesn’t change the worry fans have over the decision to trade the starting quarterback a week before the season opener.

The fact that Wentz hadn’t even worked with the first team until Monday only further complicated the issue; the way the Eagles were changing gears meant that they were essentially cramming for the browns.

Fortunately, the receivers were all in sync with their quarterback on Monday, with Wentz going 22-of-37 for 278 yards. John Mathews and Nelson Agholordelivered notable touchdown tosses. 

Mathews’ relationship with Wentz is still developing; though their interactions have largely been off the field, Mathews and Wentz seem to be getting along splendidly. Interestingly enough, Mathews and Wentz bonded over music.

Mathews loves his music, prioritizing his tunes over Television, movies, and most other entertainment forms. As such, it was only natural for him to question Wentz about his choice of music, primarily because Mathews didn’t know any rappers from North Dakota.

Asked what his favorite Album was, Wentz mentioned Jason Aldean; and, in an effort to understand Wentz, Mathews went about listening to the whole album, which he actually liked. 

In return, Wentz had little choice but to listen to Kanye West, whom he claimed to like but chose to stick with his country music. 

There is a clear rhythm when the team is playing on the field. You saw the team riding it when they played Brown; though Wentz and crew were discouraged from making too much of the game. 

There is still a tough road ahead, especially for the young and highly inexperienced quarterback. Veteran tackle Jason Peters chose to play up the growing hype in Philadelphia.

He was very sure that Wentz would continue leading the team on an upward trajectory; clearly, Wentz made quite the impression on him early on.

Peters compared Wentz to Aaron Rodgers, saying Wentz could throw as well as him on the run. He is also supposed to have a good release and great accuracy on the run. For peters, all the team has to do is to keep the pocket clean, and Wentz will deliver, throwing the ball to the open guy. 

It is that simple. It remains to be seen whether or not Wentz can keep the Eagles locker room calm after such a tumultuous week. 

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