Chairman Bill Giles Sets Date the Phillies Will Start Winning Again in 2012

This is really interesting. From "Naked Philadelphian":

I had a chance to talk to Phillies owner Bill Giles and his lovely wife Nancy at the World Affairs Council event for former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Giles, unlike many pro sports teams owners, is always understated. He and his wife were sitting in the cheap seats at this event.

Giles said, "The Phillies will start winning after June 15." Not following sports, I do not know the significance of that date.

He continued, "We have a lot of players hurt now."

This is interesting. Ryan Howard is seeing his wound specialist today, and could be cleared to begin baseball related activities. Chase Utley is supposed to meet up with the team in Arizona next week, when they are there, where he has been working with a specialist. All this would make you think they will be back sooner, possibly in May. Could June 15th be their real return date? Could that be when they, AND Domonic Brown will be up? There's no way to tell. Giles could have been just throwing a date, giving an opinion, or know something. We don't know.

As an interesting aside, "Naked Philadelphian" also broke that Ryan Madson's wife didn't like us last year.

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