Eagles Defense Struggles in Second Preseason Game

Eagles Defense Struggles in Second Preseason Game Ken Blaze, USA TODAY Sports

The second-team offense showed a propensity to run the ball and even had some nice passes to keep the ball moving. Unfortunately, the Birds’ defense did not hold up the way one would hope.

Of course, the result doesn’t really matter, but the bad news is that the defense that was being gashed up consisted of players who will see snaps and are competing to be the backups.

Offensive Standout: Offensive Line

Cam Jurgens or Jack Anderson may be more specific options for praise, but the entire unit was impressive in this game even without one or both of those players. That’s both a blessing and a curse. Of course, it’s great to have that sort of depth, but the Eagles only have so many roster spots. Players like Le’Raven Clark might be on the way our in favor of a younger, more controllable player as a backup. Even that, the Eagles will also not have enough spots even if they just prioritize youth. It might come down to who the Eagles think they could slip through the waiver wire and get through to their practice squad without another team picking them up.

Defensive Standout: K’Von Wallace

The defensive standout was a little more difficult to pick in this match-up. Wallace didn’t necessarily “stand-out”, but rather he didn’t. Unlike most of the other defenders on the second team, he completed his job as expected and didn’t have any egregious errors or penalties against him. Most other defenders either had obvious ups and downs or blatant blown plays. Wallace showing simply solid play may be enough to keep him around.

Game Notes

  • Josh Jobe was awful in week one. In week two, he made a great play to force a field goal. That said, he also made multiple egregious errors with blown coverages, penalties, and misplayed situational defense.
  • Nakobe Dean was really among the better defenders, as well. He didn’t pop as much as he did in week one, so some expectation may still need to be tempered for his rookie year.
  • Jordan Davis was essentially unheard of this week. He played and the Browns offensive line is leagues better than that of the Jets, but it would have been nice to see him getting any sort of pressure that impacted the game as the top defensive lineman in this game.
  • An unfortunate result of the Eagles defense playing poorly in this game was that there were no real punts and so there was no ability to evaluate punt returns in the game situation.
  • Ugo Amadi appeared in this game late. While this was likely due to his late arrival, having been acquired via trade earlier this week and being unfamiliar with the defense, but he played very effectively. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see him move up the depth chart for the third preseason game.
  • Kary Vincent Jr. gave up some big plays but also made some big plays. Further review would need to take place to determine whether some of his “missed” plays were a fault of his own or simply great offensive plays to beat tight coverage.
  • DeAndre Torrey didn’t see a ton of touches, but he appeared to have been more effective in his snaps than Jason Huntley has been.
  • Tay Gowan would seem to be the corner who played with the most effectiveness in this game.
  • Kennedy Brooks appeared effective at short yardage, killing the clock when the Eagles got the ball back with 3 minutes left and the Brown having all their timeouts.
  • Carson Strong made his first appearance. He had just one attempt and it was a good one, but Devon Allen was interfered with on an uncalled penalty.

Philadelphia Eagles at Cleveland Browns – August 21, 2022

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