Eagles Injury Update: Sydney Brown Believed To Have Torn ACL

Eagles Injury Update: Sydney Brown Believed To Have Torn ACL Vincent Carchietta, USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles looked bad on Sunday.

They also had to play on the worst field in the league, yet again. At Metlife, they had four players go down with leg injuries and three did not return. They also suffered an additional three other injuries during the game of varying degrees.

The first player to go down with a leg injury was Sydney Brown and Mike Garafolo is reporting that it’s believed that Brown tore his ACL.

The team will undergo further testing to confirm this week.

It would rob Brown of the opportunity to get playoff experience in his rookie year – perhaps the only good thing that will come out of this berth.

The Eagles are already thin at safety with Justin Evans lost for the season and Reed Blankenship having suffered his own leg injury Sunday.

If the Eagles are without Brown and Reed, it’ll be down to just Kevin Byard and either corners playing safety or Tristan McCollum off the practice squad.

Perhaps the league could spend less time arguing about safe plays like the Brotherly Shove and could spend more time talking about how New York has been ending seasons and careers for 13 years with it’s dangerous turf – and make the two teams that share the stadium address the issue at some point.

If Brown did indeed tear his ACL, he will not be able to play for several months, meaning he may not be available in training camp and his availability for the start of next season is in question. He could potentially miss a month or two next season due to the injury.

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