Eagles News: Philadelphia’s Playoff Ticket Is Punched

Eagles News: Philadelphia’s Playoff Ticket Is Punched Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, we outlined where the Eagles stand in relation to the playoffs and the playoff positioning.

Less than a week later, the scenarios where the playoffs started without the Eagles have been fully eliminated.

On Sunday, the Carolina Panthers played perhaps their best game of the season and earned their second win. That win came against the Falcons and eliminated the NFC South from the possibility of having two teams get to 10 wins and potentially unseating the Eagles from a wild card position if the Birds were to somehow lose out.

The seeding remains up in the air, but the Eagles re-take control of the division on Monday Night with a win over the Seahawks following Dallas getting blown out by the Bills Sunday.

The Lions have also moved to 10 wins, so the Eagles would be making sure there isn’t a tie for the second seed in the NFC by winning.

The 49ers did win on Sunday, leaving them in control of the top seed.


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