Forever Young: NFC East Week 3 Review

While the Eagles are setting the bar in the NFC East, beating the Colts 20 to 16, other teams around the division were making themselves heard. All but one team from the east won their match-up this weekend and judging by the numbers some of the divisions elder statesmen took us back in time.

The week of the old men started in Washington as the Redskins took on the Green Bay Packers. The Redskins would jump on the back of Adrian Peterson and Alex Smith, who have a total of almost 26 years of NFL service between them, to beat the Packers 31-17. Quite surprisingly the Redskins would jump out to a 21-3 lead with just under four minutes until half time. Peterson would anchor the Redskins with 120 yards and two touchdowns, while Smith kept it simple and limited himself to one mistake. As for the Packers they would struggle; despite making it seem closer then it actually was about midway through the third quarter, as Rodgers found Davante Adams in the end-zone, they seemed one dimensional. Even though they ran for 87 yards on 15 attempts, none of the three running backs were convincing. Instead the Packers were forced to rely on a hobbled Aaron Rodgers who threw 44 times off one leg. While Rodgers was still Rodgers and had 265 yards and two touchdowns, it shows the common theme of the last few seasons with the Packers (very little defense and no running game). Next week the Redskins have their Bye Week as they will prepare for a tough match-up in New Orleans week five. 

Meanwhile in Houston, the Giants took on the Texans. Judging by statistics alone, without looking at a score you would be able to tell the Giants won this game. They ran the ball almost 30 times, didn't turn the ball over and Eli Manning was finding Odell Beckaham as he caught nine of his ten targets for 109 yards. On the other side of the field the home team Texans found their stride a little too late in the game and much like the Packers were in D.C the Texans proved one dimensional. It seemed like if Deshaun Watson didn't have the ball in his hands they weren't going to do anything offensively. Watson was responsible for over 400 total yards and both of the Texan touchdowns as he was even their leading rusher on the day. 

While Watson may have had the better performance on paper, regardless of his interception, the Giants would win the game 27-22 behind Eli's efficient 25-29, 297 yards and two touchdowns. The Giants will take this win home and take on the New Orleans Saints who have rebounded with close call victories after being upset by Tampa Bay in week one. 

Later in the day, in Fox's game of the week the Dallas Cowboys went in to Seattle to take on the Seahawks and even though Ezekiel Elliot would have his best game all season (16 attempts for 127 yards + three receptions for 11 yards). The Seahawks would handle the Cowboys 24 to 13 and the underlying theme of the week applies once again as the Cowboys found themselves unable to move the ball through the air. Prescott was 19 for 34 with two interceptions and only averaged four yards per pass play. As for the Seahawks, they would stay patient with the run game giving Chris Carson 32 attempts, ignoring the fact they were getting less than three yards per carry. Then they would let Russell Wilson do the rest as this game was not as close as the score would tell you. Next week the Cowboys will look to rebound at home against the Lions. Dallas will need a victory to keep themselves involved in the division, but it will not be easy as the Lions are coming off a big home win over the Patriots. 

Next on the list for the Eagles is the two and one Tennessee Titans. The Titans are fresh from a 9 to 6 victory over the Jaguars. Really all you need to know about this game is both defenses played well as this game didn't leave much to be discussed. The Titans will be at home for this match up and will more than likely have their starting quarterback Marcus Mariota in the lineup. This for the most part healthy Titans team will be a tough test for the Eagles and should not be taken lightly.

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