Genius Move: NFL Bans (Hip Drop) Tackling

Genius Move: NFL Bans (Hip Drop) Tackling Jonathan Moreau

The news broke on Monday that the NFL has officially banned tackling.

Or, in theory, hip drop tackles.

It will certainly make fans happy to see their favorite team either let guys run past them because they aren’t allowed to hold onto them from behind to bring them down or take a 15-yard penalty for completing a tackle in that situation.

Then NFL knows what it’s fans want, and that’s more “offense”.

Apparently to the NFL owners, that consists of some of the world’s worst referees inserting themselves into plays even more frequently to make terribly arbitrary calls (which will certainly not be called in a consistent manner by any means of the imagination).

The move adds the hips to the list of areas defenders aren’t allowed to tackle, like the knees, legs, head, etc.

Basically, hope you’re in front of someone and make contact only with their chest or you might just be arrested.

It would seem the NFL is trying to increase the usage of the ever-effective shoestring tackle that just exhilarates fans.

The only people who were against this change were most of the fans and players, including the NFLPA making an official statement that the change should not be made.

But, of course, the billionaire owners who are out of touch with society know best and unanimously approved their own idea as a good one anyway.

The NFL grows one step further to flag football as they ban even more contact and make sure there’s an ever increasing amount of flags to get star players like Shawn Hochuli, Clete Blakeman and Carl Cheffers some more air time.

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