Howie Roseman responds to reports of Sam Bradford wanting Eagles to trade him


Though there was an early Monday report suggesting the contrary, a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter detailing quarterback Sam Bradford's desire to be traded in wake of the team acquiring the 2nd overall pick has gathered momentum in terms of the immediate future for the Eagles organization at the position. Despite signing a short-term deal earlier in the offseason, it would appear Bradford would rather not try to 'keep the seat warm' for the incoming rookie that the Eagles draft 2nd overall. 

All offseason, the Eagles front office and coaching staff has made it clear that they want Bradford to be the 2016 starter. They were clear with this stance when they signed him to the deal, when they signed Chase Daniel to be one of the highest paid back-ups in the league, and when they acquired the 2nd overall pick  Maintaining their consistency on the matter, Executive VP of Football Operations issued a response to Monday's developments regarding Bradford.

"I want to reiterate our support for Sam Bradford and go back to our statements last week – that Sam is our starting quarterback," Roseman said. "His agent and Sam know how we feel about him. These workouts are voluntary. We look forward to seeing Sam again in the near future."

As a follow-up question, Roseman was asked if there was concern that Bradford will not show up for the mandatory portions of the offseason program.

"No, I think you talk about Sam and what a pro he is," Roseman said. "Him and his agent, we've worked well together for a long period of time. He loves to play the game. We look forward to seeing him soon."

The interview with Roseman was conducted by CSN's John Clark





Take Roseman's comments for what they're worth. The organization is obviously at a crucial stage given the position they've put themselves in for Thursday's draft. They have had to juggle a considerable amount of activity already in 2016 and are preparing to usher in the new face of the organization. It is evident that they expect Bradford to ultimately honor his contract and play out the upcoming season. They know they cannot get fair value in return for a player they are paying a considerable amount for next year. Time will tell on whether or not the two sides can play nice or if the situation reaches a tipping point. 

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