MLB Ballpark Foods: Ballpark Foods Every Baseball Fan Should Try from All 30 MLB Ballparks

MLB Ballpark Foods: Ballpark Foods Every Baseball Fan Should Try from All 30 MLB Ballparks


Take me out to the ball game,

Take me out with the crowd;

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks,

I don’t care if I ever get back.

Even in its infancy the game of baseball was so much more than batted and pitched balls. Sure, the game is about the crack of the bat and amazing plays but food –as we see with the lyrics of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” which debuted in 1908– has always played an integral part in the ballpark experience. A ball game, a score card, a hot dog, and a Coke…what’s more classic Americana (or Canadian for those north of the border) than that?! 

To this day, the thrill of going to a ball game is taking in the ambiance including the food. And boy, are there tons of food options. Sure, there’s the classic hot dogs, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks but there’s also sushi, milk shakes, loaded nachos, and pierogi! Like the game of baseball, the food game at baseball has continued to evolve. 

Here’s a look at the ballpark foods every baseball fan should try at all 30 MLB ballparks!

Arizona Diamondbacks | Chase Field

Nachos in a Souvenir Helmet: There’s nothing better than walking away from the ballpark with a souvenir helmet! If you happen to find yourself at Chase Field, you can get your souvenir helmet and eat it too! Okay, not the helmet but the nachos in it! The Nacho Cart is serving up two tremendously tasty nacho options: chicken tinga and barbacoa beef. That’s chicken or beef and nacho cheese over nachos (duh!) with red pickled onions, sliced pickled jalapenos, pico de gallo and black beans garnished with avocado crema in a helmet. 

Also Try: If you want to switch up the nacho game and try something non-traditional give the Korean pork belly nachos a go! This twist on the nacho features wonton chips, pork belly bacon, gochujang spiked cheese sauce, quick kimchi, pickled red onions, and scallions. Sorry, it doesn’t come with a souvenir helmet!

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Atlanta Braves | Truist Park

The Big Queso: Ah, grilled cheese! Sometimes you just need a little bit of comfort food to hit the spot and that’s exactly what “The Big Queso” does. The sandwich is a culinary collision of one-pound of marinated chicken with Chihuahua cheese, freshly chopped salsa, and cilantro pressed between two pieces of sourdough bread. The sandwich is then topped off with some spicy queso and tortilla chips on the side. No, a nap is not included. 

Also Try: It’s hard to say no to a good Chick-Fil-A sandwich! Founded in Atlanta, Chick-Fil-A has three stands throughout Truist Park serving their famous chicken sandwiches, nuggets, wraps, waffle fries and more. Just don’t get a hankerin’ for it on a Sunday! 

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Baltimore Orioles | Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Warehouse Dog: Good lord, take a look at this amazing hot dog! The foot-long Berk’s all-beef hot dog is covered with horseradish infused brick sauce, crispy onions, pit beef queso fundido, and pickled pico on a pretzel bun! That’s some serious flavor and the underrated pretzel bun takes it over the top! 

Also Try: A nice cold Natty Boh! A Baltimore staple, Natural Bohemian beer –the locals call it “Natty Boh” and you should too– is once again available at Oriole Park at Camden Yards thanks to Pabst Brewing Company. Grab yourself a Warehouse Dog and Natty Boh and have a great day at the ballpark!

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Boston Red Sox | Fenway Park

Irish Nachos: It’s hard to say no to the most underrated cut of French fry, the waffle fry! That’s the base for Fenway Park’s newest food creation, the aptly named Irish nachos. The dish is made up of waffle fries, corned beef, sour cream, Thousand Island dressing, and queso fresco. It’s like a traditional deli sandwich meets a taco! 

Also Try: Not feeling like some Irish nachos? Check out Luke’s Lobsters in the right field concourse for a traditional taste of New England. If you’re feeling a bit more traditional you can never go wrong with a Fenway Frank and a cold beverage!

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Chicago Cubs | Wrigley Field

Chicago Style Hot Dogs: Forget Chicago’s abomination of a “pizza” and stick with the classic Chicago-style hot dogs and sausage when visiting “The Friendly Confines.” While choices outside the ballpark, such as the famous Hot Doug’s are the way to go, there are some solid options inside the ballpark as well. 

Also Try: If you’re feeling a bit fancy, give the Chimichurri Tri-Tip Sandwich a shot. The ancho-rubbed tri-tip steak comes with a chimichurri sauce, a horseradish sauce, arugula, and charred red bell pepper. Served on a ciabatta bread, the Chimichurri Tri-Tip Sandwich is something you’d expect from a fancy food truck and not a ballpark. 

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Chicago White Sox | Guaranteed Rate Field

Campfire Milkshake: Be sure to bring the Lactaid for this one! The Campfire Milkshake is an incredible chocolate shake served with a piece of chocolate, graham cracker crumble, and toasted marshmallows creating a s’more in a cup! Oh yeah, you can take the cup home too! The bad news, the Campfire Milkshake is only available in Guaranteed Rate Field’s Huntington Bank Stadium Club.

Also Try: Sticking with the ice cream theme, the Sox have a Jack and Coke Float. Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like, Jack Daniels, Coca-Cola, and vanilla ice cream.  White Sox fans might need a few of these to get through the 2024 MLB season. 

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Cincinnati Reds | Great American Ball Park

Bratter Up: How does four brats, bacon, American cheese, and a “signature sauce” sound? Yup, it sounds fantastic! The Bratter Up is just that and to make it even better, the meal is served on a stick for easy consumption during the game.

Also Try: If you’re going to Cincinnati you gotta try the famous Skyline Chili. There are multiple ways to consume Skyline Chili including on a bed of pasta or a hot dog. 

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Cleveland Guardians | Progressive Field

The Heater: Be sure to bring some antacid to Progressive Field and dive into “The Heater” this summer! The Heater is a Montgomery Inn pulled pork sandwich topped with a special “heater” hot sauce, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and Jalapenos on a kaiser roll. You might need a glass of milk to cool down after this one! It’s available at Throwin’ Smoke BBQ and the BBQ stand on the third base and right field sides, respectively. 

Also Try: If you’re feelin’ like some tacos, be sure to check out Barrio which includes a “build-your-own” taco option. There are three locations throughout Progressive Field.

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Colorado Rockies | Coors Field

Dino Rib: This is too good to pass up! The Rox unveiled a 20-oz beef rub dubbed the “Dino Rib” for the 2024 MLB season. The smoked beef rib is served with Paratha bread and herb salad and looks like something straight out of the Flintstones! Google it, kids! 

Also Try: What’s better than a burrito? A burrito that’s actually a burger! The Burgeritto is a green chili burger, shoestring fries, and other toppings including but not limited to cheddar-jack cheese, bacon bits, and Pico de Gallo wrapped into a burrito.  

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Detroit Tigers | Comerica Park

Pierogi Grilled Cheese Sliders: Mama Mia! Take a potato pierogi, throw it on a slider, add Velveeta cheese, house-made mornay sauce, and ‘kraut and you have yourself a good time! The sandwich is geared towards Pittsburgh Pirates fans and will be available when the Buccos visit Detroit. 

Also Try: Hear me out for a second, grilled chicken wings don’t get the love their deep-fried cousins get and that ain’t right! If you’re visiting Comerica Park, you’re in luck, Detroit staple Taqueria El Rey has charcoal-grilled wings ready to go! The adobo-rubbed wings are available in the area of section 149. 

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Houston Astros | Minute Maid Park

Pennant Pickle Dog: Gone are the days of a simple hot dog on a bun at a ballgame! Houston’s Pennant Pickle Dog is proof of that! The Pennant Pickle Dog is a foot-long Texas chili angus hot dog with jalapeno slaw, fried pickle chips, dill aioli, and green onions.

Also Try: Corn Dogs don’t get the love they deserve! If you find yourself at Minute Maid Park, give the Curveball Corn Dogs a shot. The three mini corn dogs are topped with chili, cheese, and diced onions. 

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Kansas City Royals | Kauffman Stadium

Back to Blue Burger: The Royals went all in embracing their primary uniform color with a new specialty burger at Kauffman Stadium. The Back to Blue Burger features blue cheese crumbles (obviously), bacon, lettuce, and buffalo aioli…on a BLUE BUN! Yup, it’s blue! I’m sure Twitter/X will have some comments on the aftereffects! 

Also Try: The Royals are doing it right with their expanded “value menu.” The value menu features ballpark staples including beer, soda, hot dogs, pretzels, and pop corn for $5 or less! That’s a fantastic deal especially when bringing a family to the ballpark.

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Los Angeles Angels | Angel Stadium

S’mores Waffle: Yes, more s’mores! The Angels debuted a decadent dessert option for the 2024 MLB season, Walk-Off Waffles. The waffle stand located behind section 232 features a s’mores waffle with vanilla ice cream. They also have a strawberries and cream option if you’re not lookin’ to pickle the beast and go with the s’mores. 

Also Try: The Halos also have a “build-your-own” quesadilla station that’s new for 2024. A quesadilla is the perfect curveball to standard ballpark fare and is easily eatable from your seat! 

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Los Angeles Dodgers | Dodger Stadium

Dodger Dog: Come on, it’s the most iconic hot dog in all of sports! The Dodger Dog dates back to the Dodgers arrival in LA from Brooklyn for the 1958 MLB season. The 10-inch, grilled hot dog comes as it is, a hot dog and a bun with a hint of nostalgia. 

Also Try: If you’re lookin’ for something a bit more adventurous than the Dodger Dog, the Takoyaki is for you! The Dodgers’ Takoyaki is made by famous Tokyo-based food provider Tsukiji Gindaco and is available in original form and with a tempura batter that features sweet and sour sauce. Still not sure what Takoyaki is? It’s fried dough balls with bits of octopus. Enjoy! 

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Miami Marlins |loanDepot Park

Gator Nachos: I mean, why not!? In traditional Florida fashion, the Marlins rolled out gator nachos for the 2024 MLB season. The deep-fried delicacy can be found at Heavy Hitters behind section 23. 

Also Try: In an effort to get fans into loanDepot Park, the Marlins unveiled a special All-You-Can-Eat ticket package for the 2024 MLB season. The $52 seat includes access to standard ballpark fare such as hot dogs, nachos, burgers, cookies, soda, and water. Just hope the Fish don’t take the game into extra innings! The AYCE ticket is only good through the end of the 7th inning.

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Milwaukee Brewers | American Family Field

Dog Gone Fowl: The Dog Gone Fowl is a hot dog, chicken finger, cheese, and tater tots combined into one interesting meal. All of the selections are good on their own and when combined turn into a unique ballpark experience! 

Also Try: The bratwurst! It’s Wisconsin afterall, the “Badger State” is known for its beer-battered brats. You can get the Wisconsin delicacy throughout the ballpark including the J. Leinenkugel’s Barrell Yard which features, you guessed it, Leinenkugel brats. 

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Minnesota Twins | Target Field

Papa Pete’s Mini Donuts: Who doesn’t love a good donut!? New for 2024 at Minnesota’s Target Field is Papa Pete’s mini donuts. The bite sized snack comes tossed with cinnamon and sugar for a delectable, sweet treat. 

Also Try: Give the deep-fried Oreo’s a try for a quick and easy ballpark snack. The fried cookie sandwich is available from Curds and Cakes behind section 232 of Target Field. 

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New York Mets | Citi Field

Juicy Lucy Double Burger: Yeah, you’se gotta go to Queens to get Minnesota’s famous “juicy Lucy” cheeseburger. Well, you don’t have to but Citi Field now features the sandwich amped up a bit. Brought to the Mets’ yard by TV chef and food challenge guy Adam Richman, the double “Juicy Lucy” loaded with flavor and burger! Sorry, you don’t get a free t-shirt for downing the burger in record time. 

Also Try: The Comfortland Bases Loaded brisket sandwich might just be the perfect comfort food for Mets’ fans as they watch their team squander away another season! The Queen’s based eatery’s take on the grilled cheese features Coca-Cola glazed brisket served on pressed sourdough bread with glazed onions and gruyere cheese. 

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New York Yankees | Yankee Stadium

The Hot Dogs: Yankee Stadium serves two of the best hot dogs known to mankind, Nathan’s Famous and Glatt Kosher hot dogs. It’s hard to go wrong with either dog or perhaps one of both! Nathan’s Famous are served in regular size and “extra-long” and can be ordered with their famous crinkle cut fries. 

Also Try: If you’re looking to switch it up from a traditional hot dog and soda, give the Crunchbuger and/or Bacon Crunch burger a go. The signature sandwich from Bobby Flay’s Bobby’s Burgers behind section 132 features a burger with American cheese, potato chips, and Bobby’s signature sauce. It’s the best burger of Bobby Flay’s specialty burgers! 

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Oakland Athletics | Oakland Coliseum

Good Luck: The food options at the Oakland Coliseum are rather sparse! This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that has followed the saga of the Oakland Athletics and their home ballpark. I guess a hot dog is okay. 

Also Try: A’s fans are very adamant that you bring your own food into the ballpark in an attempt to screw over A’s owner John Fisher. In fact, there’s a complete Reddit thread devoted to doing just that!

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Philadelphia Phillies | Citizens Bank Park

Schwarburger 2.0: Made according to the specifications of slugger Kyle Schwarber, the Schwarburger 2.0 features a burger topped with American cheese, pepper bacon, fried egg, crispy onions, and a signature sauce. Do yourself a favor and find a spot along Ashburn Alley to eat this one!

Also Try: If you find yourself at Citizens Bank Park and are looking for a traditional Philly sandwich be sure to check out Uncle Charlie’s cheesesteaks on concourse.  It’s not quite Angelo’s on 9th Street but it’s surprisingly good for a cheesesteak! It’s certainly better than the tourist traps that Philly is known for. As always, Bull’s BBQ in the left field corner is always worth checking out too! 

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Pittsburgh Pirates | PNC Park

Renegade Hot Dog: Trust me, everything’s better when you add pierogi! The Renegade hot dog does just that, adding mini pierogi to a foot-long hot dog that’s also garnished with pot roast, caramelized onions, and pickle slices. It’s like Sunday dinner meets a day at the ballpark!

Also Try: Yeah, we’re sticking with pierogi! Head on over to Cannonball Burger behind section 146 and get a dessert pierogi after your Renegade dog! The sweet cheese pierogi is topped with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar. 

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San Diego Padres | Petco Park

San Diego’s Finest Hot Chicken Hot Hen: Go hot or go home! The Hot Hen features a hot seasoned chicken sandwich topped with Fresno chili slaw, pickles, and fuego sauce. It’s the eatery’s number one selling chicken sandwich for a reason! It’s served with seasoned fries for an affordable $15.99. 

Also Try: Holy hell, they have Mister Softee ice cream at Petco Park! Take it from a South Jersey guy, Mister Softee is the best ice cream around. Too bad the ballpark stands won’t feature the ice cream truck’s iconic music. Anyway, grab a twist and enjoy the game! 

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San Francisco Giants | Oracle Park

The Garlic Fries: The garlic fries at San Francisco’s Oracle Park have been “revamped” and are a must have treat for the 2024 MLB season. I reached out to a San Fran transplant to confirm the nature of the fries and he couldn’t stop raving about them. 

Also Try: If you’re looking for something a little bit different give the Poke bowl a shot! Da Poke-Mon’s spicy ahi tuna poke comes with their signature mayo sauce and is served over a bed of rice, greens, or tortilla chips. I have been told the tortilla chips are the way to go! 

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Seattle Mariners | T-Mobile Park

Katsu Curry Rice: Seattle-based Tamari Bar makes its T-Mobile Park debut for the 2024 MLB season and with it comes its famous Japanese staples including the katsu. The Katsu curry rice has been getting rave reviews as a must have for any fan hitting up a game this year. 

Also Try: The MOTO Pizza crab pizza is another Seattle staple worth trying at an M’s game in 2024. The French bread style pizza features fresh Dungeness crab, warm butter, dill, thyme, parmesan, and squeezed lemon and herbs. 

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St. Louis Cardinals | Busch Stadium

Triple Play BBQ Box: Sorry Arby’s, the Cards’ have the meats! The Triple Play BBQ box from Broadway BBQ features a half-pound of smoked brisket, turkey, and pulled-pork topped with seasoning and BBQ sauce. The meat trio is served with cornbread, potato salad, and a jalapeno garnish. Yup, bring a towel for the meat sweats! 

Also Try: As has already been established, nachos are awesome and nacho fries are even better! You can get the best of both worlds throughout Busch Stadium in the form of the supreme nacho fries. The French fries are topped with taco meat, salas, jalapenos, sour cream, and nacho cheese.

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Tampa Bay Rays | Tropicana Field

Korean Corn Dog: As already mentioned, the corndog is woefully underrated! The Rays have amped up their corndog game in 2024 with a Korean take on the traditional fair dish. Available at the Pig & Potato, the Korean corn dog features a corn dog with fontina cheese, potato crunch, and a spicy mayo. 

Also Try: Let’s stick with the hot dog theme for a second, Tampa unveiled a foot-long pretzel dog for the 2024 MLB season and it sounds fantastic! The foot-long Nathan’s Famous dog is wrapped in a Bavarian pretzel and topped with sea salt. 

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Texas Rangers | Globe Life Field

Hurtado Barbecue’s Milanesa Taco: Take multiple elements of Texas food culture and you come up with the Milanesa taco from Arlington’s Hurtado Barbecue! A flour taco served with chicken-fried brisket (!), gravy, and chili de arbol is a must have for any fan attending a game at Globe Life Field. 

Also Try: Sticking with the taco idea for a moment, the Golden Chick has a waffle taco (!) served with a chicken tender that is drizzled with sweet and tangy honey sriracha sauce and topped with bacon bits.  

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Toronto Blue Jays | Rogers Centre

Hot Honey and Maple Bacon Hot Dog: What’s better than a hot dog at a ballgame? If you said nachos, nacho fries, or corn dogs then I appreciate you reading this far! Yes, all of those would be correct, but so would a hot dog covered with bacon and maple syrup! Leave it to Canada to come up with something so glorious. The Hot Honey and Maple bacon dog is just that, a hot dog covered with a sweet and spicy maple syrup and bacon. 

Also Try:  Any establishment that serves orange Crush is a winner in my book! The Jays take Crush soda to a whole new level with their Crush Floats available at TD Park Social. The idea of soda plopped into some vanilla ice cream is as refreshing as it sounds. Oh yeah, you can keep the commemorative cup! 

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Washington Nationals | Nationals Park

Lifesize Helmet Loaded Nachos: Yes, nachos again! This time you get a full-size helmet to go with it! While the Nats might struggle on the diamond, they excel in the take home department where fans can get themselves a helmet of nachos and take it home for some batting practice. 

Also Try: The Nats do a good job of bringing local breweries to Nationals Park. This season 14 local DC, Maryland, and Virginia breweries will make up the ballpark’s local breweries district. 

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