More Bad News: Michael Martinez Has a Fractured Bone in His Left Foot

Posted by Danielle Wilson


Because the news of Chase Utley having problems in both knees wasn't enough, another infielder hit the disabled list today. Michael Martinez is currently having some foot troubles. Take a look at these tweets:

Well, fuck

Now what? The Phillies infield on Opening Day is already sans Ryan Howard and Chase Utley. With Galvis at second base, Mayberry/Thome/Wigginton/Nix at first, Jimmy at shortstop and Polanco at third, the Phillies could be completely screwed should Polanco or Rollins hit the disabled list.

It's likely that Ruben Amaro Jr. will keep his eyes open for utility infielders. The Jeremy Horst for Wilson Valdez trade isn't looking too spectacular right now, huh?

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