New Uniforms In the Sixers Near Future?


Looking to put the past couple of dreadful seasons behind them, it seems as though the current hideous uniforms may be heading out as well.

According to Interstate 76ers blog, the Sixers will reveal new uniforms during the 2015 offseason as a way of introducing a new era of outstanding basketball. The Sixers will not bring new uniforms this offseason, because they are expected to be a lottery team again next year even with the top picks they’ll receive.

Although the rumors haven’t been confirmed by the Sixers front office, let’s pray that they’ll remove these eyesores of jerseys for the second time altogether.

The Sixers have had a history of sporting horrendous uniforms…

Like this one–even though it was donned during most of A.I.’s illustrious career, they’re still very abominable.

Sixers A.I. jersey













Or this glob of stars that just absolutely makes you want to puke at sight.

Sixers barkley jersey














And my least favorite ever, the current uniforms, which have been worn twice in team history. Not only do I loathe them because of the current era of basketball they’re worn in, also because it looks like somebody’s grandmother came up with the most lackluster concept, and someone approved it. Absolutely appalling.

Sixers current uni













Hopefully, the Sixers will go with a completely new composition for uniforms if they do change it. They continually try to re-use jerseys from the past and put a slightly different spin on them. It wouldn’t hurt to just use a design that no one has ever seen before, and give the fans even more to be excited about. 



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