NFL Offseason: Eagles Grant Hasson Reddick Permission To Seek A Trade

NFL Offseason: Eagles Grant Hasson Reddick Permission To Seek A Trade Joe Rondone. The Republic

The Eagles and Howie Roseman are back at it.

The offseason is underway and for the Eagles, their moves will start in house. Of course, a top priority for them to address to know their situation moving forward is EDGE Hasson Reddick.

Reddick is in the final year of his three year deal. That not only means the team is likely looking to sign an extension, but to lower his cap hit from the $21.5 million it is set to be rights now.

For reference on how massive that cap number is, it is not only the highest on the team over Lane Johnson’s $16 million, but it is far higher than last year’s highest (which was also Lane Johnson at about $15 million).

On Sunday, reports indicated that Reddick had been granted permission to seek a trade.

This move comes about, most likely, as part of the negotiation process.

As they did with Darius Slay last year, the move allows Reddick’s agent to contact other teams and gauge not only their interest in what they’d trade for him, but also allow them to get an idea of how much money that Reddick could garner on the open market next offseason.

That brings the numbers back to the table for Howie Roseman to consider.

Reports do indicate that the team is not looking to just move Reddick and would only do so if there’s a situation where they get enough draft compensation and cap relief in the deal – basically so that they can get some cheap talent from the draft and get some ability to re-sign their own players and/or invest in free agency.

If the numbers do not come back with what Reddick’s camp would be looking for, it’s very possible he agrees to an extension with the Birds to address the cap number. Otherwise, it will be up to teams to decide if they’re willing to spend picks and money to put him on their roster long-term.

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