Not News: Phillies and Blue Jays “Engage in Dialogue” Over Shane Victorino and Cole Hamels


Ooooh we can get Kyle Drabek back for Cole Hamels!

Ok, so Ken Rosenthal says that the Phillies and the Blue Jays "enagaged in dialogue" over Cole Hamels and Shane Victorino.


Or not. This is absolutely nothing more than a headline to get you to click on their site and drive up the pageviews so they can sell ads.

I'm sure that the "dialogue" between Phillies GM Ruben Amaro and Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos went something like this:



ALEX:  "Sup, Rube it's Alex"

RUBEN: "What's up man?"

ALEX: "Well, things aren't so great."

RUBEN: "Why's that?"

ALEX: "Offense, man.  I'm so desperate I'm about to sign Vladimir Guerrero."

RUBEN: "Woah – that's a shame…you must be really desperate."

ALEX: "Any chance you'll part with Shane Victorino before I do this?"

RUBEN: "Nope."

ALEX: "Cole?"

RUBEN: "Nope."

ALEX: "Okay then, catch you later homie."

RUBEN: "Peace out."

There you have it.  Dialogue.  No one is going anywhere, and there was absolutely no substance to it.  Just like there's no substance to this post either.


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