PFF Grades the 2022 Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Line

By Michael Lipinski, Sports Talk Philly Editor

Pro Football Focus occupies a unique space in the world of pro football analysis. Driven by analytics, PFF often skews common sense and what "the tape sees" for computer statistics.  It’s a flawed method for the most part.  However one area where they do get it right using analytics is the offense and defensive lines.  

For the offensive line analytical stats like number of quarterback pressures allowed, number of sacks allowed, etc., are as important, actually more so than a statistic like pancake blocks. And let the record show, as a lineman I love myself a good pancake! Again, PFF does a fantastic job of breaking out these stats for offensive line grading. 

So what’s my point? 

PFF recently unveiled their grades for the 2022 offensive lines.  The hog mollies are graded in tiers, one through six, from “minor or no weakness” to “problematic.”  Here’s how they described the tiers if full:

  • Tier 1: Minor or No Weaknesses
  • Tier 2: High Floor
  • Tier 3: High-End Potential
  • Tier 4: At Least One Good Tackle
  • Tier 5: Uninspiring
  • Tier 6: Problematic

So, how does PFF grade the 2022 Philadelphia Eagles offensive line?

PFF ranks the Birds’ O-Line as the number one offensive line in the NFL heading into the 2022 NFL season.  Here’s the assessment: 

There may not be a single below-average starter along the Eagles' offensive line. Pair that with arguably the best tackle duo in the NFL, and there’s no debate about which team's offensive line belongs at No. 1 heading into 2022. Jordan Mailata's incredible development at left tackle can't be understated. After not playing a snap in his first two NFL seasons, Mailata went from spot starter at left tackle in 2020 to the third-highest-graded player at the position in the NFL last season.

Hey, who am I to argue! 

I’d like to point out that last sentence, PFF is dead on accurate with their assessment of OT Jordan Mailata.  

Mailata has exploded from a project-type player to one of the best tackles in the game. The former rugby star, no he shouldn’t play fullback, has embraced the violence of the position and the wizard-like coaching of Jeff Stoutland.  You could see Mailata’s potential from the Gloucester City side of the Walt Whitman Bridge, but whether he reached the potential was a question.  It’s been answered in spades.  The dude is a pretty good singer too!

It’s worth pointing out, this list only accounts for the teams’ starting players.  The Eagles arguably have the best depth in the National Football League as well.

The Birds’ are the only NFC East team to crack tier one status.  Here’s where the other teams ranked out: 

  • Tier 2/#6 Overall: Dallas Cowboys
  • Tier 3/#15 Overall: Washington Commanders
  • Tier4/#18 Overall: New York Giants

Those rankings feel right.  Dallas always had a top-quality offensive line when they were healthy, which hasn’t been often.  Washington’s O-Line has been middling for the better part of the last 35-years and New York has been victimized by the “Gift of Gettleman” up until recently.  

Time’s yours!


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