Phillies Put Cole Hamels On Trade Block

Hamelsblock(Photo: Philliedelphia/Steve Trapani)

Well I guess the Phillies are sellers this year. 

According to CBS' Jon Heyman, the Phillies have begun to call other Major League teams regarding trade interest in lefthander Cole Hamels. 

Hamels, 28, is in his last year of his contract with the Phillies and if he is not traded or not re-signed by the end of the year it is going to take a lot of money to keep him. As of now, the Phillies and Hamels have not been anywhere close to a deal.

The Phillies may just be gauging early interest in Hamels or getting talks started in case their struggles continue. Chase Utley recently returned from injury, and they are awaiting retruns for Ryan Howard and Roy Halladay.

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro declined to comment, via text. – Jon Heyman

It sounds logical for the Phillies to trade Hamels to a team as a rental player, but then again it also makes no sense trading away the future of your team. It also makes no sense to keep a player who won't sign. 

I'm not Ruben Amaro Jr., but if I was him I would trade Cliff Lee and Shane Victorino. Trading  and Victorino would clear up enough money to sign Hamels and they could get a great hitter for Lee and bullpen arms for Victorino. 

It's almost certain that Ruben has given up on this team, who are sitting in dead last in the NL East. I guess they are going to be sellers.

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