Phillies Standard 2012 Game Recap [Insert Date] Phillies at [Insert Opponent]

To: Philliedelphia Bloggers
From: Blogmaster Bloggers, attached is the standard 2012 recap. Use it when appropriate.

~Blogmaster Frank

Checked box symbol Standard 2012 Recap

[Insert photo of player grimace] Jake_Diekman_Frown

The Phillies fell short tonight in National League baseball action against the [opponent]. 

Phillies starter [insert name] was less than sharp tonight, surrendering [insert large number] runs in just [insert low number] of innings. 

The bullpen was also rocky, as [insert reliever A] and [insert reliever B] surrender [insert large number] runs.

The Phillies offense also came up short.  Despite a [insert night's production] from catcher Carlos Ruiz, [insert Victorino, Mayberry, Wigginton and any other random AAA bench player who happens to be starting] were unable to capitalize.

The loss put the Phillies [large number] games back in the National League East.


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