Postgame Report: Dallas Manages To Top Eagles Backups

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By Paul Bowman, Sports Talk Philly Editor

The Eagles entered the half down two scores, which would be bad if it weren’t for the fact that this is the Eagles practice squad who hung tight with the Cowboys starters until a poor final drive that gave Dallas an extra score.

To the shock of no one, that didn’t change.

The only shock was that the Cowboys left their starters in until partway through the fourth quarter, apparently afraid that their backups would be unable to hold a two-score lead against that of the Eagles.

Offensive MVP: RB Kenneth Gainwell

Gainwell was effective even against the Dallas starting defense with an offensive line of back-ups. 12 carries for 78 yards and a touchdown. He wasn’t as effective in the pass game (four for nine yards) but that was more due to the poor blocking he received around him.

Defensive MVP: DL Milton Williams

Williams was highly impactful up front in this one. He’s become like a third starter and offers extreme flexibility being just as effective inside or out. He registered three tackled (two for loss) along with a handful of pressures, a QB hit and even a batted pass.

Game Notes

  • With his 41 yards receiving, DeVonta Smith officially broke the Eagles record for most receiving yards by a rookie wideout.
  • Before his injury, Brett Toth looked strong at center. That means he’s become a viable option at every position on the offensive line: another student of Jeff Stoutland has come along.
  • In a game full of Eagles offensive backups seemingly overachieving, somehow JJAW has still made himself stand out as an underachiever by dropping a touchdown reception (losing the Eagles four points) and following it up with an OPI. He also contributed to tipping a pass up to a Cowboys defender for an interception.
  • Quez Watkins was showing some strength tonight breaking tackles on nearly every play he got the ball. Impressive work.
  • Andre Chachere stuck out as someone who was particularly frustrating in the secondary tonight. It seemed like each time I saw him near a pass, the ball would hang in the air forever and he would take just long enough to get there that the play is made and he could make a tackle. A little bit more speed or anticipation and he could make real plays, but instead he’s just there to give up huge receptions and then try to make a tackle. I guess that’s why the Colts let him go earlier in the season.
  • In a game where health was the most paramount, the Eagles saw Shaun Bradley, Brett Toth, Kary Vincent Jr., Marvin Wilson, Tyree Jackson and Andre Dillard exit the game with more injuries, which is not ideal but is exactly why they didn’t play most of their starters.
  • The Eagles have been hoarding defensive backs this season (Zech McPhearson, Josiah Scott, Kary Vincent Jr., KVon Wallace, Tay Gowan, Andre Chachere) but it’s looking a bit like they they shouldn’t be because they’ve all been with the team for months (many for most of the season) and they looked lost the entire game. Blown coverage play after play – you’d hope to see some solid play from one or two of those guys.


Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles – January 8, 2022

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Dallas 10 20 0 21
Philadelphia 7 10 3 6
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