Postgame Report: Eagles vs. Cowboys

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By Evan Krawczuk, Contributing Writer

In the biggest game of the year, the game that makes or breaks this season, the Birds came to play. The defense was tough as nails and Carson showed up for the biggest game of his life. The Szczypiorski/Krawczuk house loved it. Let it be known I didn’t love Doug’s play calling, but it got the job done. Fletcher Cox is the toughest guy on the team and I’m proud Sidney Jones figured out how to cover a receiver. At the half, the Eagles were ahead 10-6, and they had us on the edge of our seats the whole time. Here’s what I saw in the back half of action:

Offensive MVP: Carson Wentz

The ELITE QUARTERBACK, Carson Wentz, showed up in the biggest of games. With a group of rag tag receivers, young running backs, and a somewhat healthy Zach Ertz, Carson Wentz played incredible. He threw for 319 yards and had a 77% completion percentage in Cowboy week. Wentz showed why he is the best quarterback in the East. Granted, Carson only threw for one touchdown but he made great reads all day and picked apart the Cowboy defense, a defense that was pretty solid against the pass. Carson Wentz has put the league on notice. 


Defensive MVP: Everyone

I wanted t make the defensive MVP Fletcher Cox, but also Malcolm Jenkins, but also Jalen Mills. The defense as a whole played really well. The back seven didn’t give up any huge plays and the front seven didn’t let Elliot get loose. The Cowboys had the #1 rated offense in the league and the Eagles defense did not give up a single touchdown. The Eagles forced the Cowboys to kick three field goals and held them to 311 yards. 311 sounds like a lot but the Cowboys average over 430 per game. The way this unit came together gives me hope for the playoffs. 

Breakout Stars

  • Dallas Goedert – Dallas with the big game against Dallas? Love it. Goedert had to be Carson’s guy for a bit when Ertz was out and he stepped up. In that time, he scored the Eagles fist touchdown of the game. That touchdown was a huge confidence booster early and Goedert ended up with 91 yards, on nine catches, and that one touchdown. 


  • Jalen Mills- Mills has been hot and cold this year and had a very solid day in the back-end. Mills was solid in coverage with one pass breakup and led the team in tackles with eight.

Highlight Reel

  • Dallas Goedert’s Touchdown reception in the first quarter was a great for momentum early in the game. Wentz made a great throw and put the ball up where only Goedert could get it and had my whole family screaming and high-fiving. 
  • Fletcher Cox punched the ball out on a huge third and one and the ball was recovered by Malcolm Jenkins. Just two plays before Cox had went out with an elbow injury and came back and made this big stop. 
  • For the Eagles second touchdown, the Eagles O-Line parted the Red Sea for Miles Sanders and he pounded right into the end zone. Fourth and eight, under two-minutes, SIDNEY JONES IS THE HERO. Jones had great coverage on a fade ball, a play he has gotten beat on all year. HUGE stop for the defense. 


  • Miles Sanders with shades of Brian Westbrook. Sanders broke through the line and scampered for a first down and slid down to secure the Birds win. 


Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles – December 22, 2019

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Philadelphia 10 0 7 0
Dallas 0 6 0 3


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